New Thriller Writers

The thriller writers gathered here are the ones whose books you will be reading with great enjoyment over the next few years. They are the new wave of David Baldacci’s, Gillian Flynn’s and Robert Ludlum’s. Get to know who they are, and you will be able to say you knew them when their books first went to publishers.

If you are a thriller writer, you may have noticed it takes more than great writing skill to get your work published. Here you get a chance to learn from writers who are a couple of steps farther along in the process than you are. Find out how they got there and what might work for you. We are a gregarious group of writers cooperating with each other for mutual benefit. There are no fees for joining nor cost of service. Be involved as lightly or as deeply as you like. The amount of benefit you get is roughly proportional to the amount of your involvement.

Just click on the membership post and send us a comment expressing interest. We will get back to you with membership information.