New Thriller Writers

This is where you discover the best new thriller writers and the books they have written. If you are an avid reader, you’ve already gone through what the big-name thriller writers have produced. Now what? How do you find the best of the new writers and the fresh, new stories they’re producing? You find them right here.

One of our resources for meeting new thriller writers is the International Thriller Writers (ITW) annual gathering. This is the “watering hole” in the thriller jungle where the best thriller writers congregate once a year. Our editor Sam Rockford was there in July of 2019 and met many of the new thriller writers being celebrated for producing their first break-through, high-quality book.

Established Thriller Writers

Another innovative contribution we make is to look inside the lives of the exceptional men and women who have written memorable thriller novels over the years. In particular we look at the critical moment when they first tried to become a published writer and succeeded or failed — and had to try again until they finally made it through to bookshelves and then bestseller lists.

It is often assumed that gifted writers such as Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn must have been welcomed into the publishing world with open arms, but that is far from the truth. They had to struggle, just as other new thriller writers are struggling for a foothold today on their rocky ascent to the peaks of bestseller glory. Their personal experiences are nothing short of inspiring.


New Thriller Writers

The new thriller writers you get to know here are the new wave of David Baldacci’s, Gillian Flynn’s, Karin Slaughter’s and Robert Ludlum’s. Get to know who they are and check out what they have written. Then when their books rise to the bestseller lists, you’ll be able to say you read them when they were first published.

Life can be a thriller