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Kelsey Rae Dimberg

Kelsey Rae Dimberg

It took Kelsey Rae Dimberg eight years from the time she started her first thriller novel until it finally hit bookshelves. But it was well worth the wait!

An avid writer at a young age, Kelsey re-discovered her love for writing when she took a fiction class in college. It caused her to wonder if the best way to learn how to write a great novel was to get a Master of Fine Arts degree. The answer? Not really. While in that program she felt stifled by the instructors’ insistence on developing deep, moody characters — meanwhile pooh-poohing the value of plot and action. Genre fiction, she was told, was not even worth mentioning.

In that suffocating environment she needed a release, a breath of fresh air. So she started writing a novel on the side, just for fun.

After six years of struggling and learning-by-doing, she finally had Girl in the Rearview Mirror ready to show to an agent and publisher. They loved it. And with two more years of preparation her intriguing debut novel rolled into bookstores in mid-2019. Now, amid personal appearances on many talk shows, Kelsey is enjoying the fruits of that work.

Part of the reason her book feels so real is that she lived in Phoenix, where the story is set, for several years when she was growing up. Then she returned there for college at Arizona State University. The layer of rich society she discovered around her seemed a good foil for a story. So Kelsey made it just a bit brasher, bolder and emotional than what she actually saw — and it worked.

The result was an Upstairs, Downstairs view into the tangled lives of one of Phoenix’s most powerful families. And it’s seen through the eyes of a nanny in their household. The ticking bomb in all of this is not only the dark secrets which several members of the influential family are trying to conceal, but the exceedingly dark one brought into this mix by the nanny herself.

This engagingly written, fast-moving and surprising debut novel promises to be the first of many from Kelsey Rae Dimberg.


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